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Starting a profitable digital marketing distribution business as a start-up entrepreneur

Success rate for entrepreneurship?

97% of people fail!

  • Only 3% succeed despite working hard, and even then, they receive close to no income in the beginning.

  • Nobody points the others in the right direction when they face challenges, often resulting in the remaining 97% closing down shop within the first five years.

  • Worse still, many people only laugh at these trying individuals when they talk about their dreams, goals, and desires. 

  • Despite having such a high fail rate, thousands are still opening shop monthly while thousands more are closing theirs. 

  • Why exactly are so many failing at entrepreneurship? And what are the keys needed to succeed?

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    What is it?

    The TADMNC Business 1st Entrepreneurship Program gives you a chance to learn, apply, and earn in a genuine, business-experience-focused environment. Jointly delivered by LifeLong Learning Academy (LLA) and TADMNC, the entrepreneurship training is also certified by Singapore’s NanYang Technology University (NTU).

    Who is it for?

    The program is for professionals (PMETs) who wish to have an extra income stream, either to be used as retirement income, or maybe even as a safeguard against future disasters (e.g., a similar pandemic to COVID19).

    However, if you’re a young adult who doesn’t wish to have a 9-5 job and is looking to challenge yourself (as well as your beliefs), then feel free to partake in this program as well. Who knows, you could make it big sooner than your peers!

    Where is it held?

    Due to the pandemic, programs are currently being conducted online across 3 countries. Since the entire program setup is online, this means that the business practicum will also be done online. Effectively, this means that a digital marketing distribution business was built for students to learn, work, and earn from home.

    How does it work?

    This ‘earn and learn’ business program consists of 2 parts. Part 1 is knowledge-based while Part 2 is the practicum aspect. 

    Students are required to pass all modules in Part 1 before they are allowed to start the next part. Part 2, on the other hand, will have each student set up a business entity (using an existing platform) to build a distribution business involving actual sales (which includes marketing planning and execution activities), money management, profits, and losses. 

    The passing KPI is based on the amount of profit points the students generate.

    When does it start?

    This hundred-day program has four intakes each year, following Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4.

    Why does it exist?

    Business is all about making life meaningful. When someone has a problem, we provide a solution that matches their needs, which simultaneously grants us business. To put things into simple formulas:

    Problem + Solution = Business

    Problem + No solution = No business

    With that said, the program aims to help ordinary people achieve their extraordinary dreams through start-up entrepreneurship.

    Here’s how it works

    Our program was designed to get you the most results in the shortest period of time.

    Module 1 : Mindset

    While ‘change your mindset, change your life,’ is a common enough statement, is there any sense in it? Well, the truth is, it checks out. After all, our mindset develops the way we make decisions, and the way we make decisions determines how we take action. Since our actions give us results in life, everything just makes sense. However, let’s go a bit deeper and have a look at what a mindset truly is. 

    A mindset consists of 2 parts, with 50% being our value system and the other 50% being our belief system. While both systems were blank like brand new computers when we were born, after many years of programming, our ‘computer memories’ have been structured to the point where we now have several limiting values and beliefs. If you’re wondering how that could be, just ask yourself these questions. 

    “Did your parents input programming that you’d become millionaires?”

    “Did those closest to you input programming that states that jobs only give you wages that earn you a living, but businesses give you profits that in turn earn you a fortune?”

    With that said, this week 1 program focuses on reprogramming your mindset for entrepreneurial success.

    Module 2: Entrepreneurship Knowledge

    Knowledge is only power when you learn, apply, integrate, and make money with it. By choosing to be a start-up entrepreneur, you’ve selected the path of leadership, which means that you’ll have to equip yourself with many new skillsets and adopt a new mindset that’ll allow you to influence everyone related to what you intend to directly/indirectly do. There are many aspects to an entrepreneur’s journey, including leadership, money management, coaching, motivating, crisis management, sales skills, public speaking, etc. 

    While that’s all fine and well, it should be noted that though many start the race, many more fail to complete it. Understanding that, the TADMNC Business First Entrepreneurship Program will be sure to hold your hand with every step you take as you learn, apply, integrate, and earn from the knowledge you’ve acquired on your journey in becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

    Module 3: Personal Branding in the Digital Space 

    Your social network represents your net worth, and while you may not have consciously cultivated it, almost everyone has a personal brand through the digital footprints they leave behind. While it’s true that personal branding through social media helps you drive traffic and attract the database that you want (among billions of individuals in the digital space) in the long run, have you ever wondered who you are to them? About why they should listen or follow you? What’s in it for them? These are the key questions that someone who’s studied personal branding in the digital space would ask. 

    With that said, in this module, we’ll help you discover who you are, what your niche is, and how you’ll attract like-minded individuals to you as your personal brand.

    Module 4: Digital Marketing Execution 101

    Though many have heard of digital marketing courses and many have even attended them, why is it that so few actually make it work for them? The truth is, digital marketing comes in two parts. 

    The first part is the ‘digital’ in digital marketing, where technical skills are needed to know how to operate app platforms. Required skills include website building, graphic designing, coding, SEO, data analysis, as well as video and content production. 

    Predictably, marketing is the second part, and it determines the content you’re producing for your target audience. While it’s true that half the job will be done if you’re a marketing major, if you aren’t, it means that you’ll have to pick up two more schools of skills and knowledge. 

    With that said, let’s get to why so few are succeeding in digital marketing. The main issue is that many people can’t simultaneously handle these two skills since the digital aspect relies on the left brain whereas marketing (which leans more to creative thinking) relies more on the right. This module will help you pick both skills up and teach you how to use them separately and also simultaneously. 

    Module 5: Scaling up through coaching others to succeed

    While you can definitely earn enough money for a living by doing everything yourself, if you really want to make a fortune, you’ll need an effective team. The best way to obtain that is by learning how to coach your teammates well. Coaching and learning are simply ongoing processes in both life and business. 

    There are 6 coaching cycle steps, and 3 coaching phases. If you get that mixed up this early on, you’ll be wasting a lot of time trying to even get your team to function effectively. Aside from that, it should also be noted that each team will always have a ‘weakest link’, and it’s best to quickly identify who it is to ensure a smoother journey. 

    With that said, this module will teach you how to establish a consensus with your team with the 3 phases of coaching and the six coaching cycle steps in order to effectively drill the required skills and knowledge into your teammates and raise their competency.

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